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Crafty Projets & Booking Updates

Welcome to my Blog and very first Newsletter!

As I am still learning how to provide a subscription link for posts and newsletters, please excuse any rough edges that may need to be refined at this time.

I am happy to share that my recovery is going well 4 weeks after the DIEP flap surgery. During this period, I have created a website, launched my own online store, added my Harmoni Blend product (with more additions coming soon), and am currently painting a very special piece to be raffled for the Shave To Raise For Bowel Cancer NZ fundraiser organized by Zen Hair in Dunedin.

Just a couple things to keep me busy as I focus on letting my body rest!

My surgeon was pleased with the progress of the healing in the surgical areas during our meeting last week. Since I underwent breast reconstruction using tissue from my lower abdomen, I need to be cautious about my posture and lifting. Consequently, I have been advised to take a 6-8 week break from work to ensure proper recovery. I am now feeling prepared to resume scheduling appointments starting in early July.

For clients who are currently on my waitlist with ongoing projects, I intend to send out emails around the 19th of June to confirm availability.

The most exciting news from my surgeon's visit was that I managed to book my second (and hopefully final) follow-up surgery for September. This will allow me a few months of work before taking a brief hiatus to focus on healing and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

If you wish to stay informed about my upcoming projects and booking details, please subscribe to receive email updates and stay in the loop with my posts. By avoiding algorithms, you can ensure you stay updated on the latest news without missing out!

x AJa

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