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A symbolism of happiness and freedom, I wanted this Bumblebee to become the next in my pin collection. He also looks amazing paired up next to my first Sold Out pin design of the Traditional Flower!


Inspired by my popular bumblebee tattoo flash designs, this little guy was one of my favourites. With his wee arm holding back a giggle, he’s ready to be taken on many adventures.


Bumblebee Soft Enamel Pin

  • Item Overview

    • Soft Enamel Pin Design by Aja McDonald

    • Production through PinSource NZ

    • Delivers worldwide from New Zealand

    Item Details:

    • Process: Soft enamel

    • Material:Brass

    • Plating: Silver

    • Size: 35 mm

    • Backing: Silver Butterfly Clutch (A backing card is included in the purchase)

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