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Setting Up Your New Custom Tattoo
Constults & Bookings

Welcome to my custom tattoo service! While I may have many works in progress and return clients I'm always excited to take on new clients and new projects that complement my personal style and experience. If you are looking to set up a consultation, please have a read below of the information I require to set up a new custom tattoo request then click the contact button to send me your info!

Information Required

When it comes to getting a tattoo, there are many aspects to consider. From the design to the placement, each decision can impact the final result. Organising a custom tattoo can offer the opportunity to create a unique piece of art that truly represents the individual. Below are few areas of information I need to consider in order to set up a custom design:

Design Concept

To ensure I get an idea of what it is you'd like, I prefer to have 3-5 reference photos to help me visualise what my client has in mind. Reference photos of my work also are encourage as I can work with many styles of tattoo and narrowing it down saves time and energy.

*If you want to use art by another artist to inspire your tattoo design, please ask for permission first and consider supporting them by purchasing their art for good measure. 

Body Area

I like to create personalised designs to move and flow naturally with every placement on the body.  It is important to consider that each area takes to the process differently as well as heals differently. With years of experience working with all skin types, I aim to help my clients achieve the perfect tattoo that they will love.

I also provide personalised advice on how to care for new tattoos while keeping in mind how our environment, lifestyles and seasons of the year can effect the healing process. 

Colour or Blackwork

I have had lots of experience working with various mediums over time. This has helped influence my design process for custom tattoos and my personal flash designs. I am happy to offer options with various ways of using colour and/or black and grey pigments to suit my client's tattoo goals. 

Artistic Style

I love to create in a large range of styles, but my specialties are Black Geometric, American and Neo Traditional, and Baroque/Victorian influenced pieces.

I am always happy to help my clients find the perfect design style to compliment their next tattoo.

Style Examples

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