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And so it begins…

I have never been successful at making a blog and keeping up with it. From the times we once used MySpace, I used my artistic voice by setting a tone with mainly pictures and design.

From MySpace I moved onto Tumblr. I found it was very inspiring to carry on the collection of visual expression and not having to use many words that would leave me feeling vulnerable. Sharing and connecting with many people from all over the world that had similar views and interests, through pictures allowed me to start to know the sense of community for the first time.

I would mostly blame my past lifestyle and personal experiences on why I never found a successful connection in reaching out to people on social platforms. I was surrounded with traumas and PTSDs without anywhere to feel safe in my surroundings. All I believed that I could trust were physical aspects right in front of me, without question.

But here I am today, evolved. I reformatted my life to be that of what I have always wanted it to be. Once feeling invisible without having a voice or power, to now being surrounded by a community of amazing people who empower the things I have never given up on.

That alone inspired me to create this blog as I begin a new journey of healing and starting a personal metamorphosis. This is a place where I can share things I have learned, moments that inspire me, and have a place I can go back to and absorb these things while I heal. Hopefully this post will be a familiar place for others to enjoy along the way, too.

The name of my blog, “Wolf & Rosehip,” was inspired by an oracle card. It represents many aspects of myself I cannot put into simple words. I have a connection with nature and wildlife. That of which I know words cannot express or even define.

Therefore I will sign off with this photo I took in my bathroom.

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