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Documenting Time

Documenting time.

Been way too long since I could handle seeing myself on the other end of a lense. I haven’t enjoyed wigs either. Might as well try things out cuz who knows how it may help when reflecting back on this time 🖤

399 days since I first asked about mammogram procedures and didn’t know if what I felt was normal

306 days since I went back to the GP and knew something was not right

294 days since I had my breast screening

296 days since I had my diagnosis

266 days since my mastectomy surgery

235 days since I started chemotherapy and hormone blocking treatments

102 days since my last chemo treatment

52 days since my last radiation treatment

32 days since my first bone treatment

I’ve been going to the Wellness Gym for 7 weeks and in that time I have also invested in yin yoga classes and hydrotherapy at the new pool in Mosgiel.

I may never rest, but I know I damn well gave it my all in this battle and it’s not over yet.

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