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New Creations

While I am learning that “rest means rest” I have been trying to calm my creative drive. This has not been easy since I’ve always had something inspire me and I never like to let good ideas go to waste. It’s taken eight days to really let this sink in that I’m not healing just an injury or a new tattoo. I literally need to stop so my body can repair and regenerate.

Just before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had been looking into making my first run of wearable art in a soft enamel pin form, using one of the designs. Luckily, in my spare time, I have been working on some traditional tattoo flash designs to encourage evolving my style. So I had the perfect design ready to go.

After looking around and asking other artists for ideas, I found the right place to produce them in New Zealand. They complimented me on my design and how they were impressed that they didn’t need to make any adjustments. So I played it safe and set up a small run of soft enamel pins.

So here it is, my tribute to the breast I lost in order to fight cancer and celebrate the continuing evolution I experience as an artist.

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