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No more chemo; new trials to come.

4 weeks since my last chemotherapy treatment. Today I had my chemo port removed this morning.

To be honest, I miss my weekly treatments only because I love the nurses at Mercy Cancer Care.

I had a list of things to ask them: Can I take lypo-spheric vitamin C? Can I take Clonazepam before I have my teeth extracted? What should I use for skin care to treat the chemo flush and dryness on my face? Can I get a manicure with gel nail polish?

There are so many more questions now that chemo is over and I’m about to start radiation and the ongoing bone treatments to come. Not to mention the hormone therapies I’m on as well.

I’m starting to figure out my body while the chemo slowly fades away. I get hot during random moments. My feet are always cold. My fingers and toes continue to be numb. My legs ache every time I get up and move around. My brain is either sharp or foggy, so I’m either invested in a conversation or walking away from it. There are so many reasons I can experience the many symptoms that will arise.

But I had my surgery, survived the 20 weeks of chemotherapy, start radiation next week and later today figure out how many teeth need to be extracted before I start the bone therapy.

There is a good reason why I trailed off from updating my experiences onto this blog. I was just too f**king tired! And I still am. But life doesn’t pause for anyone, so we must keep pushing through to another day.

Live long and prosper.

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