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Updates moving forward…

Hi All!

I have now finished my chemotherapy treatment plan and am about to start the radiation treatments and begin my journey to work on my health, recovery and slowly return to work!!

My plan moving forward:

Once I get through radiation treatments, I’ll start to reach out to existing booked clients to arrange new appointments – please be aware I cannot predict timing as to when this will be just yet due to only getting my radiation appointments one week at a time.

*For those of you that had been booked in for new custom and existing pieces, please be aware I may ask to book a consultation to revisit the design and confirm details before moving forward.

There’s a couple things to be aware of with how I will be working moving forwards:

1. While recovery is different for everyone, I will have to make some changes and I won’t be able to do full day appointments for some time to ensure all the hard work I’ve been putting in pays off. So if you had one of these please be prepared to get offered a 3ish hour appointment(s) in its place for now as my working hours will be limited.

2. I will be sliding my big custom work in around some smaller flash pieces that will be easier on my creative side while I strengthen my hand and tattoo-fitness again. Please keep your eyes on my @fetblod Instagram account for updates on available flash designs I’d love to tattoo. (These will also be shared first on my Patreon so patrons can have first dibs booking new designs – link at bottom)

3. I have missed you all and you may see me around the studio through May as I work through treatments and get used to being around people and creating outside of home and my art studio there.

For any new requests, please be aware that I will need to put focus on revisiting all bookings that had to be put on hold first and will not be able to offer a wait list. Offering my personal tattoo flash designs will be my main goal moving forward with new future bookings until I get caught up.

Thank you all for your support, kindness and understanding over these months.. being away from my passion for longer than I have ever been has been tough but I’m grateful to have been able to rest and recover. Huge thanks to any and all of you who donated to my GiveALittle and/or supported my Patreon that helps keep me creating!

x Aja

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