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Words from my husband on his GiveALittle in support of this time I am taking to heal.

I find myself reaching a decline in energy today and know that my goal to write a Monday blog tomorrow is not going to be optional. Instead, I was taken back by my emotional morning of greater amounts of hair coming off my head.

I have been preparing for this. Cutting it short before surgery, dying it blue once the hairs started to shed, ordering fun wigs to prepare for the lack of “normality.” No one can truly prepare to know what it will be like until they experience it. And today I have been more fatigued due to the energy I spent last night having a holiday dinner with the company of my workmates, my tattoo fam.

It’s thinning gracefully thou, not what you’d expect to see from visuals on movies etc. But my amazing husband came to the rescue (as we had planned) and he used his barber skills to tidy up my hair and make it more comfortable as I transition.

“Post Session Two 18 December 2022

There are so many steps long this journey that continue to hammer home how real this thing is.

This week, it’s hair loss.

The unavoidable Elephant In The Room when it comes to breast cancer and chemo.

The night before Session 2, Aja had her first little “extra volume” shed..

Today, day 4 Session 2. We have trimmed her neckline and tidied up the top to allow the shedding to be less imposing.

Sometime in the next day or so, my beautiful wife will sport a Tank Girl haircut.

And then she may not sport any hair.

There’s a lot of body issue stuff that is involved w all surety, but for a woman, Breast Cancer, Mastectomies, hair loss.. it must be an absolute dismantling of so many things that have defined you as a woman to society.

I am so proud of Aja for being so amazing x

Can’t wait for her selection of wigs to arrive and for her to rock some amazing bandanas or whatever she chooses to wear!

Thanks again for the love and help and support and kindness x

Big shout out to Winter Tattoo for a heartfelt Xmas Dinner and to an amazing woman who sent a whole weeks plus of groceries this week!!

Truly in awe.” – Phil McDonald

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