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F*ck Cancer!

Special day coming in July! Ship Shape Tattoo is hosting their annual Fuck Cancer Flash Day on 1st July.

I’m looking forward to travelling to Auckland with my husband for this event. I will not be tattooing this time around as I will be focusing on supporting this amazing crew of talented artists and showing my respects.


“Hey guys! Ship Shapes annual F@#$ cancer flash day is upon us again on Saturday the 1st of July!

We will be helping out a fellow tattoo artist who has been battling breast cancer and unable to work whilst recovering.

There will be flash tattoos, giveaways, raffles, delicious food and activities for kids!

Participating artists:


Ryan Evans

Benjamin Hawley

Jason Baker



Nicklas wong

Matt Wilson

Abbey Manson

Ash Ryan

Silky Jo


Nathan Matheson

And guests

Food by:

Matt Jordan

Barbecue BOI

Fat boy bbq

Cook Cartel

More details to come! Save the date!

Please reshare let’s fundraise!!!”

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