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Over the next 4-6 months my working schedule will not be something I can keep consistent as I am about to take a journey in getting rid of a sneaky cancer I believe I found early enough (the surgeon mentioned my body has no idea it has it yet).

After noticing a change and bringing it up with my GP, early last week I had a triple exam and in the biopsy my surgeon had found a subtype lobular breast cancer. Today I had a CT scan and we went over the initial plan of attack with still some custom details to adjust on the strategy my surgeon would like to take. I trust my surgeon and this process and although I didn’t want to be as public about this and give it power, I accept I have to put my energy into being stealthy and taking the steps needed to take to eliminate anything that can make recovery more challenging.

This means that I am going to have to take time off for surgery, appointments, healing and de-stressing without any income to provide bills and day to day costs.

Asking clients to rebook is the last thing I want to do but I want to continue giving my 100% each session as I have done over the past 20+ years in this industry.

Not knowing what my creative energy will be like throughout this, it is important to me to preserve as much normal in my life without feeling different. I have the upper hand on this and this is just what I need to do.

Unfortunately this will effect some bookings but I am also confident that I will still be able to do the work I love so much when I can.

I want to thank every person I’ve come across in my life that has been through this some way or another. You are the reason I feel so strong, am not scared of what’s to come, and look forward to finally having that breast reduction l’ve always wanted.

My amazing and wonderful husband set up a givealittle (F#*k Cancer) to help give peace of mind in the days to come where I cannot pay my bills or daily expenses. I don’t like asking for help as I have always loved helping others and our community. But this time I am accepting I cannot do this alone. Together we are stronger as one.

Lastly, please if you feel something isn’t right or have a concern when it comes to your body do not ignore it. Reach out and ask questions, see your GP, take time out for some self care. Our bodies are the one and only “home” we live in our entire lives.

Take care of yourselves. You deserve it.

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