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Metamorphosis (Pt 2)

💖Update on Bookings💖

If you saw my post from yesterday then you will be aware that I am in the process of preparing time off for a much needed surgery and recovery that I must ensure be as least stressful as possible.

The last thing I want to do is postpone bookings or even ask to reschedule with an unknown timeframe but it is what is needed to be done so I can get back on my feet and have a stronger sense of normality.

If you are booked up until Sat 29th October You are good to go. These booking are unaffected.

My surgery is Monday 31st and will take me out completely for AT LEAST 3 WEEKS.

I WILL BE REBOOKING ALL APPOINTMENTS OVER THAT PERIOD AT LEAST.. There is also a possibility that I won’t be back to work before 6 weeks.. so I will keep those appointments up to date as I progress.

I will email all affected bookings over the next week or so.

Thanks for being so understanding. If you have any concerns or questions reach out, myself or Phil my husband will reply to you and update you.

Again, thank you all for being amazing. For all the kind words and endless love. And for those that have already made contributions to the givealittle.. Words can’t express how much hope and humility you give me. I’ve got this 💖

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