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Metamorphosis (Pt 3)

💖Update on Bookings💖

This will be my last update as I continue to work and prepare for my time off after my first surgery set for 31st October.

I will be unable to work for at least 3-6 weeks from that date with a possibility of a longer timeframe all depending on the healing process.

I will contact all bookings from 31st October via email and ask for your patience as I navigate towards the unknown.

My amazing husband has already done so much for me, I couldn’t imagine where’d I be without him. He will most likely be the one to respond to any questions and also share updates on how things are going when the time comes.

Not being able to work is going to be the hardest part for me but I am so grateful for all of you who have already reached out with such love and support.

xox Aja

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