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Mondays are for blogging

I am starting to get the hang of blogging around my healing. But I have also found the time to connect with other artists with similar interests and women going through the breast cancer journey. So that has obviously been another area I have been putting in some work.

It’s all new to me. I haven’t had this much time to grow new friendships and connect with others outside of tattooing. I absolutely love my job and the clients I’ve gained over the years. But honestly, as I am dealing with the discomfort of a left arm that constantly swells up if I package more than three pins to send out and post; I am finding that the simplicity of using my desktop and typing is the one thing I can do right now without aggravation my healing process. And that’s ok.

To recap a few things since my last posts, I hesitantly joined the Mastodon community and fell in love with the lack of algorithms and kindness gained by people sharing and commenting on my artwork I’ve shared. I wanted this to be a place that celebrates who I am as an artist, not just a tattoo artist. I am more. In return, I have felt a flow of inspiration and creativity consume me. Now I have a need to do everything and anything that I can in the moments that allow it so I can share it with the community that has been supporting it. I even created my very first Patreon to help keep me motivated and focused. This will keep a sense of purpose and organisation while I continue to go through the steps of dealing with breast cancer.

I also have been using my Twitter account, but I still don’t seem to enjoy it after so many years of trying to connect with others. Even with more time on my hands, the only reason why I’ve been posting on it is to be a part of the NZ Secret Santa 2022. There is honestly nothing better that sending a random someone a gift and hoping you found just the right thing for them. And yeah, getting something in the mail (especially a present) isn’t too bad either!

I made a new Instagram to continue building up who I am under my alias “Wolf & Rosehip.” This is the place that connects every visual ounce of creativeness that consumes me and I let it out so it can be seen around the world. From past to present creations, maybe I will inspire someone else along the way to do the same? When you have had as many experiences as I have had, lived more than nine lives, it would be selfish and also unhealthy (for me) to keep it all to myself.

Even if I only have just one person following any of these spaces, it’s more than I ever anticipated when creating this space. This space was a place for me to go and collect the things that make me tick, note the experiences that I have had, share wisdom that has been passed onto me, and just plain help me go through everything that having cancer does to a person.

Moving forward, I will balance out these spaces and focus on posting a new blog entry every week starting Mondays.

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. Your curiosity and support is greatly appreciated ❤️

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