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Phase 1

An outline of my day 1 surgery experience

  1. To start this day, I woke up at an ungodly hour to feed furkids and prep for hospital stay.

  2. I then stumbled around all sleepy-like and put my things into the car.

  3. Rode in car and pretend I have a personal driver while husband navigated our bodies to the hospital.

  4. Checked into hospital at 6:45am.

  5. Waited in waiting area.

  6. Went back with my pre op nurse Heather to prepare for surgery by putting on fancy gown, getting sized for compression socks, sign forms and say my full name and birthdate many many times to those that came to check in with me.

  7. Husband arrived in prep area and we hung out being cute while the hospital people did the things.

  8. Went for a ride on my bed to the theatre while mentioning “it’s just like in the movies” and saying goodbye to husband while leaving my things in section 2 of the preparation area.

  9. Got to theatre, and admired what I could see of the room. The lighting above looked phenomenal and I felt that would be amazing to use when tattooing. (Classic Aja)

  10. Once my anaesthesiologist approached me, he mentioned a small sharp feeling in my arm and the next thing I woke up in recovery. So sneaky, so good.

  11. After waking up, I tried to fight falling back to sleep. I knew I had to talk to people and answer questions and it would be rude to go back to sleepy land while being talked to.

  12. My temperature was high and they cooled me down with a wet washcloth over my head. Was so comfortable and couldn’t feel much other than my sleepy eyes trying to shut.

  13. After waking up, I got moved to my personal room #3 with nurse Lou and continued to say my full name and date of birth to each new person I encountered. I got pain relief through the rest of the day/night and blood pressure checked while also having these fancy things wrapped around my calves, softly massaging them to help with circulation. I could totally use those at home.

  14. Once settled into my room and my belongings brought to me, husband showed up with a bouquet of flowers and a gift bag that was delivered to the hospital for me from my wonderful workmate and his family.

  15. Husband and I got me more settled in and turned on the tv, watched some movies and ordered a late lunch. I ate his cheesecake, of course.

  16. At some stage, I announced that my left breast would be named “Bob” after the move Fight Club. “Bob has bitch tits” and my Bob the Boob was a bitch tit. Cancer removed.

  17. Best friend showed up with a lovely gift, a squishy plush Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas) and a card. Sally is wonderful because I finally felt I could enjoy halloween and I was also made aware that she is all stitched up just like me! Better yet, she cushions the gap between my arm and surgical area.

  18. My afternoon nurse, William, was so lovely. We bonded over cats, Pokemon and Monopoly. And he even put lemon in my water.

  19. Husband had to go home to feed the fur kids while I ordered diner. This time I got lamb, in which I called “Clarice” since it is halloween and it was the silence of my lamb.

  20. Husband returned and brought my my favourite leopard print throw and some banana chips. I didn’t bring any side snacks, so I was grateful I could have them with me as I carried on through the night playing games online, watching movies, and answering messages left to me on social media.

  21. After husband went home, I settled in bed and got up here and there to use the toilet. It was nice to be disconnected from all the things except my drain. It sits in a handy metal basket so I can just pick it up and take it with me when I want to move around.

  22. I had a hard time sleeping, but that came as no surprise because twice through the night my nurse, John, would come into my room and check on me, giving me pain relief since I woke up. Getting used to a drain attached and not being able to lay on the side I tend to fall asleep on was something to work around.

  23. Over all, I have been so comfortable and everything has gone way more smoothly that I could have ever imagined. It’s just nice to stop and rest because I have to and I have no problem doing so.

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